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{ Tooker Crest }

Here is a b/w crest I copied some time ago from one of those letters trying to sell me a Tooker Family book (it may be copyrighted). I've seen a similar crest in color in a heraldry book. And somewhere I've a color photo of one that was sent to me by an outfit that sells crests to hang on your wall. All have the three hearts.


{Mark's Tooker Crest }

I stumbled across this site while surfing the net looking for Tooker genealogy information. If you scroll down to the entry for "sea horses", you will see a description for a TOOKER coat of arms: http://www04.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/ta2/saitou/ie401/Jpglosss.htm

"Azure, four bars argent [silver] between three sea-horses or [gold]; over all on a chevron crenelly of the last five gouttes-de-poix [drops of pitch] --TOOKER."

Based on the description, and using a similar-looking "Tucker" coat of arms which I found illustrated elsewhere on the 'net, I created what I think is the coat of arms that is described in this entry.

Perhaps they belong to the line of William Tooker of Maddington (great grandfather of Sir Giles Tooker, Baronet), or William Tooker of Exeter (Royal Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth, Dean of Lichfield, son of Robert Tooker mayor or Exeter), or perhaps both men, if they were descended from a common ancestor.

The 3-sea-horses motif seems to be universal in Tucker/Tooker arms (the three hearts notwithstanding), perhaps this goes back to the original John Tucker of South Tavistock, England, to whom the "Devon Arms" were granted in 1079 (according to numerous web pages anyways).


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