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  Genealogy Files

Moving forward we will be creating and maintaining a "Primary" file with the objective of constructing the most accurate account possible and eventually merging everyone's files into a single master file. For an explanation of the program please read the instructions below.

Primary File

  • Genetooktuck.fbc.ged     (2/12/99 292KB) maintained by Jeffery Tooker & Franklin Tucker. The Gedcom file for Tucker 1594 goes back to Captain John Tooker born c. 1594. First documented in Southold Long Island, in 1640 as a founder of Southold. Click here for Franklin's Documentation

  • 10 Wm.Tooker d 1538 Jeffrey R. Tooker 3-4-00.GED (155KB)
    The Gedcom file ( 10 Wm. Tooker -1838 Jeffrey R. Tooker 3-4-00) goes from John Tooker 1620 and Charles Tooker 1616 in Genetooktuck.fbc.ged back to Wm. Tooker -1538. It is being listed seperatly from the Primary file for two reasons. First the primary file is presently large enough that it has problems in printing. Secondly 10 Wm. Tooker -1538 is provisional. This will be explained in "Documentation and Conclusions".

    Unattached Files

  • 2William Tucker 1432_02-03-1999_ Warren Tooker.GED     (81KB) The Gedcom file for William Tucker 1432 lists the first date as 1432. Further research shows a date of c. 1500 would be more accurate. This file is in the archive not for its absolute accuracy but to allow some people the increased data base they may need to find an attachment in the "Primary File".
  • 3William Tucker 1500 Original_02-03-1999_Jane Peppler.GED This Gedcom File is posted by permission of Jane Peppler. It is the file of William Tucker b. c. 1500 of Throwleigh Devon England. It came off the net and has lost its point of origin and documentation. Jeffrey R. Tooker has looked at it and believes this file to be associated with the line of Robert Denard Tucker of Atlanta. He has only had a cursory look at the file and the R.D. Tucker information. Remember this information has not been verified but is being provided in the hopes that some of you will be able to assist.
  • 5Capt. John 1610 07-07-1999 -Sheila.GED     (58KB) This Gedcom file is provided by permission of Sheila D. Watson. It comes from her webpage: ww1.comteck.com/~tdtw98a/tucker.htm. It is a Tucker not Tooker line going back to Captain John Tooker/Tucker. Sheila's email address is: tdtw98a@comteck.com
  • 7John Tooker or Tucker 1758_02-09-1999_Franklin.GED     (139KB) This Gedcom file is the line of Franklin Tucker of North Carolina. This line looking for attachment to "Primary" file.

  • JTooker.ged     (2/12/99 87KB) Descendants of James Tooker (1793-1825) and his sons, Hiram Lewis Tooker (1821-1898) and Alfred Tooker (1824-?). Hiram had 13 children. This line looking for attachment to "Primary" file. For further information please contact Warren Tooker.

    We continue to support and request any contributed material. However, the non Gedcom files are now located in the "Miscellaneous File Library." So please continue to send anything and everything you have!

    Here's how it's initially going to work:

    First: We are asking everyone to try and standardize on Gedcom (.ged) files. Gedcom is a common file format that is acceptable to most genealogy programs.

    START: People are encouraged to submit Gedcom [.ged ] files for Tucker or Tooker. These files will be posted in the "Unattached Files". The submitters will be responsible for maintaining their particular Gedcom file, and be available to answer questions concerning their file (by email if possible). For those who wish to add or attach their Gedcom File to the "Primary" file there will be the reviewers for additions to the "Primary" file of the Tooker Web site. This review is to see that the additions are at least reasonably well documented (referenced). They will not check the documents themselves. The veracity is the responsibility of the provider. The provider would then be responsible for any questions concerning their addition.

    Any further additions would still be evaluated by the reviewers with the help of both providers. One of the providers being the one who's branch is being attached too. The other provider would be the one who is providing the attachment. All files which can not find an attaching point will be available for research in the "Unattached Gedcom" files. Submissions welcome.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Gedcom files, the best method for downloading a Gedcom file is to click on the link. This will download the file to your computer as what is a visual text Gedcom file. Under the file menu do a "Save As". Rename the file if you wish and tell the computer where you want the file saved. sometimes the best place is in the program file of your genealogy program.

    We have established a naming convention for the Gedcom files. The first part is a number. This number is a consecutive file number. The next part is the name and date of birth of the progenitor. The third portion is the date of the last correction. The last portion is the name of the person who submitted the file and is the person to contact if you have any questions. Please make Gedcom file submissions as uncompressed attachments. Please make submissions to Jeffrey Tooker as he will have to rename the submitted file per the naming convention.

    Questions and comments should be sent to Jeffery Tooker or Mike Tooker.
    Note: See Jeff's entry in the Thread

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