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Filetookers.rtf1999-02-12 16:21 17k
The following is a summary of the files listed above: tooker01 ----- Original files provided by Warren Tooker ----- Provided by James Tooker. In the zipped file is a program called Our Family Tree. Just put it in a directory called oft and unzip it. Then run oft! James ( has pictures and such from many of the families that are in the zipped file. tookers.rtf ----- Here is another history of the origin of the Tooker name that differs from what we currently understand. It appears that the name Tooker may come from two separate sources, Tucker and Toker. Toker is an occupational name for a turner, whatever that is. This file was provided by Mike Tooker ( of Aukland, New Zealand. JTooker.rtf ----- Warren's line of Tookers, Provided by Warren Tooker CJTooker.rtf ----- Descendants of John Tucker generations 1 through 15, Provided by Warren Tooker TookerPatriotsARW.rtf ----- a list of patriots of the American Revolutionary War listed in the DARs index, Provided by Warren Tooker SITimeline2.doc ----- Time Line for Tookers/Tuckers on Staten Island NY, Provided by Doris Lane
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