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  Tooker Tidbits

  • Some "very "interesting and rare" documents. Provided by Sheldon Tooker.

  • Tookers who were American Patriots of the Revolutionary War.
    contributed by Warren Tooker

  • Five photos each continaing a copy of a page scanned out of David & Brenda Tooker's family Bible that they have dated as "pre-civil War."
    1. Bible Photo #1
    2. Bible Photo #2
    3. Bible Photo #3
    4. Bible Photo #4
    5. Bible Photo #5

  • Tooker, the Remarkable Dog is an interactive CD ROM that teaches young children to think critically and make intelligent decisions about dilemmas that reflect upon the ideas associated with social responsibility.

    The Cd was designed and built by Jodi Wigmore. Jodi has a dog named Tooker, who was actually named after George Tooker the rather well known American painter whom Jodi wrote an Art History Masters thesis about. Jodi met him at his home in Hartland, Vermont, in 1985 and said he was very gracious.

  • A photo taken about 1900 of George A. (Gus) Tooker (1851-1934) and his family. Warren's father, Floyd (1897-1948), is the youngest. Note he has two thumbs. He said everyone had to hold still for several minutes to take the picture, and he moved his thumb to dislodge a fly. This would explain why no one is ever smiling in those old photos.

    About the time of this picture the family moved from Westport, SD to Macleay, OR, so it could have been taken in either place. George and his wife, Isadora, are buried in the Macleay Cemetery. The family farmhouse is still there, but was sold by George's grandson (also George) about 15 years ago.

  • "Fine Times for Carpenters": The Recollections of Deborah Tooker Van Tuyl Smith

    Anecdotal information on Jacob Tooker b. 1740 and his family. They were loyalists who lived first in Elizabeth Town N. J. then went to Staten Island N. Y. From there they removed to Tusket Nova Scotia. Refrence for "Recollections of Deborah" is: "History of the County of Yarmouth" (Nova Scotia). All other refrences in file.
    contributed by Doris Lane

  • Some Tucker Tidbits contributed by Carole Vaughn

  • We need stories and anecdotes about Tooker's for this section. Stories about anything! Totally free form!

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